How To Print Part Of Rendered Html Page In Javascript?

<title>Print Test Page</title>
printDivCSS = new String ('<link href="myprintstyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">')
function printDiv(divId) {
    window.frames["print_frame"].document.body.innerHTML=printDivCSS + document.getElementById(divId).innerHTML
<h1><b><center>This is a test page for printing</center></b><hr color=#00cc00 width=95%></h1>
<b>Div 1:</b> <a href=javascript:printDiv('div1')>Print</a><br>
<div id=div1>This is the div1's print output</div>
<b>Div 2:</b> <a href=javascript:printDiv('div2')>Print</a><br>
<div id=div2>This is the div2's print output</div>
<b>Div 3:</b> <a href=javascript:printDiv('div3')>Print</a><br>
<div id=div2>This is the div3's print output</div>

By Rz Rasel Posted in jQuery

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