Who are your Facebook friends? Do you really know them?

Do you really know who your friends are on Facebook? Who are they and do these friends actually even exist? Have you personally met them all face to face? I’d say no, especially if you have more than a few hundred. In fact why don’t you invite them all to a BBQ at your house and see who turns up.

Sorry to interrogate you like this but it worries me, this Facebook friend thing.Look at the screen shot below. There are three different people with different names and pictures. Well that seems normal doesn’t it? Yes it is supposed to seem normal but its not. If you look closely they all have the same message asking to be my friend.

“Hi Mitz, I just thought I’d add some really cool people as friends and I came across your Facebook profile and like what I see. So I am adding you, Mitz!”

My message for these spam friend requests:

Thanks for your request Gary,Willis, and Jimmie. Either your unusually close, long lost triplets, sleeping together, or you are not real. I have decided yet. Sorry guys, no becoming friends with me today.

facebook friends

What did these guys do, swap notes on how to get Facebook friends?

Are they real people?

Well I hope not, because I think I just offended them.

Unfortunately these people do not exist and these almost identical Facebook friends requests are produced by computer software. I have actually seen the software at a conference on the Gold coast and immediately thought it was unethical and highly “spamish”.

How can I catch spam friend requests on Facebook?

The only reason I noticed these guys is because I did not approve any friends requests for at least a month and let them build up. These particular requests probably came in at different intervals over the month and if I had approved them straight away I would not have noticed any similarities. This is a slack attempt to get gather Facebook friends to eventually market products to.

I have some rules for gathering friends on Facebook

  1. To approve a friend you must have met them in person first. (shook hands and said hello)
  2. If you are under 15 you must ask your parents if you can add that friend.
  3. You should only add friends in your own age group. It looks bad when a 45 year old, single male is friends with the entire under 15′s netball team. (unless your the coach)
  4. Children should also hangout with their own age group. My youngest daughter does not play with older teenagers in real life, why would she need to on Facebook? (they are a bad example)
  5. Only let your children on Facebook if you are on there as well. Make sure they add you as a friend so you can see whats going on.


  • The word “spamish” does not exist, I made it up.
  • These are actual friends requests from my Facebook account.

Share your thoughts by making a comment below. What rules do you have for adding Facebook friends.

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