Facebook Tutorial – Remove a Tag From a Photo on Facebook

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I guess you’re wondering why you would need to remove a tag from a photo on Facebook? Well if you are anything like me, you will get annoyed when people post pictures of you on Facebook without your permission. Then to top it all off a tag you, and then the whole world can see the picture. I have had this experience many times where I have had to remove a tag from a photo to remove it from the spotlight on Facebook.

Firstly you will need to go to your Facebook account and sign in. Press on the profile link in the right-hand top corner. Now you will be able to see a row of photos of the top that you have been tagged in or have uploaded onto your profile. You will obviously know the difference between the ones that you have uploaded and the ones that people have tagged you in.

See the screen shot below. It shows my Facebook profile page and a row of pictures or photos that I have been tagged in.

remove a tag from a photo

How to remove a tag from the photo on Facebook?

It is very simple to remove the tag from the photo on Facebook, and I am extremely pleased about this.

1.  Click on the photo that you are tagged in on Facebook. You might already be viewing it because you have followed the link that says you are tagged in a photo.

2.  Look under the picture for a list of names. This will be the people’s names that are tagged in the Facebook photo.

2.  After your name there will be a little tiny link saying remove tag. see the screen shot below. This is a list of names that was under a photo on Facebook. I am tagged in this photo so you can see my name with a little link after it saying remove tag.

remove a tag from Facebook

How to remove a tag from a photo on Facebook – Video tutorial:

Watch this video tutorial below to see how to stop people from tagging you in photos on Facebook in the future. You can also allow them to tag you but it will not show up on everyone’s wall. There are different settings that you can adjust to suit your needs. For example I like to stop Facebook notifications coming to my e-mail address. I personally don’t mind getting tagged, as long as it is a decent photo. I hate side on pictures and ones where I am not ready to the photo to be taken.

Notes on how to remove a tag from a photo on Facebook:

  • You cannot remove a Facebook tag on a photo if you are not signed into the account. That means that you cannot remove other peoples tags in a photo is less you actually tagged them yourself.
  • Please note that when you do tag someone in a photo it shows up everywhere over Facebook, depending on who you are friends with. It is no good to lie to your husband saying you are going shopping, when you are out with the girls having drinks and later on, the photos are posted on Facebook. Not a good thing.
  • sometimes I follow a tag and someone has tagged me on Facebook in a calendar. I don’t even know these people. Who are your Facebook friends and do you really know them?

On the other hand, you might want to actually tag yourself in a photo on Facebook to attract attention to yourself. However it is still handy to learn how to remove tag the photo on Facebook just in case you become too popular!


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